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Jun 18, 2007, 12:00

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SINGAPORE -- Haliplex Pty Ltd, developer of network edge access solutions, will launch its break-through HPX-800 Series of Micro MSPPs at CommunicAsia 2007.

Delivering both TDM and Gigabit Ethernet services over a next-generation SONET/SDH backbone, the HPX-800 Series offers operators access to double the bandwidth of legacy SONET/SDH ADM equipment with significant CapEx and OpEx savings. The chassis common to all three units in the HPX-800 Series is so small that two platforms can be housed in a single rack unit, presenting a world first in consolidation and engineering efficiency.

Experienced with and committed to the Asian market, Haliplex has a strong track record of deployments in carrier, utility, government, military, enterprise and transport networks throughout the region. This success stems from an ability to integrate with legacy equipment whilst delivering the latest in triple-play technologies, providing complete future proofing from low-cost, easily managed platforms.

Haliplex Marketing Director, Matthew Tutty, explained that Haliplex has chosen CommunicAsia 2007 to showcase the capabilities of the HPX-800 Series to the Asian ICT community.

“Over the last 12-months Haliplex has gained strong momentum in the Asian market and CommunicAsia provides us with a timely opportunity to demonstrate the functionality of the HPX-800 Series to an audience increasingly aware of our reputation for innovation.” Tutty said.

Geared towards enterprise, utility/transport and carrier markets, the HPX-800 Series comprises three platforms: the HPX-CPE-Micro, the HPX-Cell-Micro and the HPX-ADM-Micro.

“The HPX-CPE-Micro is the smallest, most highly featured MSPP on the market. The platform offers enterprise customers cost-efficient aggregation and transport of voice, data and video between geographically separated LANs. This plug-and-play platform is set to redefine Layer 2 transport in enterprise environments, bridging the gap between backend telecommunications technology and affordable, user-friendly Customer Premises Equipment (CPE),” Tutty explained.

“The second platform in the series is the HPX-Cell-Micro, which provides transport in cellular backhaul networks and offers a unique pay-as-you-grow strategy for migration from TDM to IP technologies. The HPX-Cell-Micro also solves the hidden issue of supporting a wide range of peripheral equipment associated with maintaining a cell site,”

“Third in the series, the ADM-Micro provides the perfect solution for aggregating E3/DS3 spurs, including mid-speed carrier microwave outposts and other remote environments. A fully fledged MSPP, the ADM-Micro is also capable of triple-play service delivery and router connectivity at an exceptional price point.”

“These three micro platforms offer unprecedented flexibility, operational simplicity and resilience at an unmatched price point. Gigabit Ethernet capabilities and connectivity over any media means operators can increase the performance of existing network assets today whilst provisioning for expansion and modernization in the future.” Tutty said.

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