Media : Haliplex Is First to Market with Unique Ethernet Over SDH/SONET Solution
CommunicAsia 2002, Release
Jun 17, 2002, 15:06

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All-in-one Haliplex solution allows carriers to meet the optical needs of SMEs Singapore – June 17, 2002 – Haliplex Communication Systems, a designer and manufacturer of access networking solutions, today announced the launch of two products that allow network operators to provide Ethernet over SDH/SONET services utilising existing networking assets. The HPX-300-SS, a Multi-Service Provision Platform product, is specifically tailored to allow carriers and service providers in Asia to extend the optical domain to the untapped SME and residential markets. This technology will also provide network operators in the utilities, oil and gas industries with an ‘all-in-one’ solution to connect internal telemetry and office systems. The HPX-300-SS is designed for simple delivery of the latest technology and other traditional carrier services through a single standards based provisioning platform.


In conjunction with the HPX-300-SS, Haliplex is also announcing the new Ethernet Haliplex Interface Module (HIM). Ethernet is the connectivity of choice today for most new value-added services, and SDH/SONET has been the most widely adopted infrastructure in service providers for the last several decades. The HPX-300-SS makes it possible for carriers to build on their existing SDH/SONET infrastructure and with the new Ethernet HIM, service providers can effectively penetrate the SME and residential markets with simple yet low-cost Ethernet connectivity that this sector can afford.


The technology behind HPX-300-SS was developed out of Asia after taking into considerations the various challenges that network operators are facing. As the big corporate markets become saturated, carriers are trying to reach out to the SME and residential markets. In order to do so successfully, several issues have to be addressed. The Haliplex solution resolves major concerns of network operators, such as operational simplicity, management and billing, physical space and scalability.


“We have taken the radical step to pioneer this strategy out of Asia. By allowing carriers here to expand on existing infrastructure, they can now effectively provide more services to the SMEs and subsequently increase revenues and profitability,” said Alan Kepper, President of Haliplex Communications Systems. “As the Europe and U.S. network operators start looking more to Asia and gradually adopting a similar approach, we are positive about the penetration of Haliplex solutions into the global markets.”


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