Media : The Age: Local firms look for Euro breakthrough
Barry Park, The Age
Oct 16, 2001, 14:00

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The Age


Two Melbourne outfits join a government trade mission.



A small Melbourne-based optical networking research and development company was one of 10 named to take part in an Australian Trade Commission tour of London, Frankfurt and Stockholm next month. Croydon-based Haliplex will join fellow Victorian fibre-optic technology company Future Fibre Technologies on an eight-day tour of Europe from November 5 to 14. Haliplex chief executive officer Alan Kepper said the company had made its mark in markets where high rents meant companies had to look for smaller products that consolidated their IT equipment.


Kepper said this involved replacing something like a “seven-foot-high cabinet” of disparate telecommunications carrier services – voice, data, ISDN and more – and transmission carrier services into a single small unit. A smaller unit footprint means smaller rents, evidenced by the company’s biggest market, which includes Singapore, Hong Kong and Seoul.


He said the advent of Internet, 3G and 2.5G via mobile phone handsets has seen the requirement for bandwidth increased both in speed and the number of people connecting to the high-speed service. High-speed services such as xDSL and cable had to be translated into much higher speeds once data reached the core of a fibre-optic network, Kepper said.


“Telcos are rolling out higher and higher-speed fibre-optic networks closer to business and homes because fibre-optics is the only way that you can reticulate (bandwidth),” he said.


Haliplex’s equipment also allowed telecommunication carriers to consolidate equipment in a single, manageable location, rather than have equipment and support staff remotely located.


The invitation to attend the Austrade Euro High-Tech Tour is regarded as a windfall for the company, which is attempting to break into the European market through early talks with a British OEM.

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